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We’re proud to produce a range of flags and flagpoles for all arms of the emergency services. Ask us about the ceremonial pieces for the police, to the onboard flags we’ve made for the coastguard.

The four primary emergency services create an impression of prestige, respect, hard work and skill. We aim to do the same with the flags and accessories we make for them. Our team works with each service to create stunning custom pieces suitable for a range of needs, locations and uses.

Most Popular Products

Customers in the emergency services are known to purchase a wide variety of flags, poles and accessories. Explore the items and services that we regularly see chosen by the emergency services.

United Kingdom

Ground Mounted Flagpoles

Ground Mounted Flagpoles

45 Degree Wall Flagpole

Wall Mounted Flagpoles

Bond Street Custom Flags

Corporate Flags

Success Stories

Kent and Medway Fire & Rescue Authority

Kent Fire and Rescue Flagpole

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the standard size for a flag/flagpole?

The simple answer is there isn’t a standard size. Flags and flagpoles come in a range of sizes and we see lots of differences in the requirements of different customers.

Depending on your location, specific flagpoles will be more suitable than others. It is important to understand the different materials, heights and installations that come with different styles of flagpole and which is the best for you. Learn more in our comparison chart here.

How long does a flag last for? / How often should I replace the flag?

The life expectancy of a flag is impossible to predict as it is entirely dependent on how it used and treated during its use. Climatic conditions and the number of hours of flying will both have a major impact in the look and condition of your flag. A flag left out in all weathers will obviously not fare as well as one that is flown only in fine weather, taken down when the weather is extreme and changed frequently.

All our flags come with a guide on how best to care for it, and you can read information about our additional services such as laundry, repair, and changing here.

What is the standard lead time for my order?

There are many factors that influence the lead time of your order. The size and complexity of your purchase, the day of the week and month when you place your order, and how busy the production team are.

For an accurate estimate of lead time, it is best to speak to our team directly when you place your enquiry. Call 01494 783 938 or email sales@flagmakers.co.uk

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