Construction Site Flags For Housebuilders

A flag flying from a construction site or a new home showroom is one of the best ways to catch the attention of passers-by. Do you have one? Not only does the use of flags serve as a marketing tool, but it also offers a sense of grandeur and excellence.

Your new builds can benefit from flying a flag in many ways:

  1. Turn the heads of passers-by
  2. Put your brand in the spotlight
  3. Fill up large open spaces
  4. Showcase your brand's quality and professionalism

Our Flag Solutions For Housebuilders

Since 1837, we have been making flags and providing comprehensive installation solutions for house builders. Choose from our forecourt flagpole which has a drive on base and perfectly adapts for the construction site, or, make an impact by opting for our architectural aluminium flagpoles which can reach heights of 32ft and dominate the skyline.


Why Choose Flagmakers?

By choosing Flagmakers you can ensure quality service and fast turnaround times. We provide an end to end service and as such take care of artwork design, custom specifications, flagpole installation, and ongoing customer support.

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Our Most Popular Construction Site Products

Customers in the housebuilding industry have been using our services for decades, and whilst every site has its own unique requirements, these are the flag and signage products that we see being used time and time again:

Glass Fibre Flagpoles

Glass Fibre Flagpoles

Union Flag Close Up

Value Glass Fibre Flagpoles

Ground Mounted Aluminium Flagpole

Vantage Aluminium Flagpoles

Piccadilly Arcade Custom Flag

Custom Flags

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