Correct Union Jack Flag Dimensions & Specifications

Building the Perfect Union Flag

There's something quite special about seeing a union flag (more commonly known as the Union Jack) flying high atop of a flagpole. We've been manufacturing the union flag for many decades and have gotten it down to a fine art, however making the Union isn't quite as difficult as it might first appear.

Each stripe on the flag is relative to the height of the flag. For example the central cross is made by dividing the height of the flag by 5. Full details can be found in the image and table below.

Stripe Width of the Union Flag

  • A - 1/5TH of flag height
  • B - 1/15TH of flag height
  • C - 1/30TH of flag height
  • D - 1/15TH of flag height
  • E - 1/10TH of flag height

Union Flag Colour References

  • Royal Blue - Pantone 280C - C100&, M72% Y0% K18%
  • Red - Pantone 186C - C0%, M100% Y81% K4%
  • White - Pantone 186C - C0% M0% Y0% K0%

The diagonal stripes rotate round the flag clockwise, the wider stipe is first, followed by the red stripe, then the narrow white stripe.  

To ensure they are aligned correctly, the edge between the read and the wide white stripe should align diagonally - see above diagram.

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